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Never received product

Unfortunately I can’t review what I never received

Very cool ring

I have a bazillion rings, but this one has risen to the top tier of favorites quickly. I really love it… workmanship is divine

Didn’t get my order

I got fish bait instead, can show proof

I never got it


Excellent ring!

I really love this one. Had originally found it on another site and had ordered it, but found it here for half as much. Cancelled that one, and purchased here. No regrets! It’s amazing. Big, solid, excellent weight, and looks amazing. Not my las purchase, for sure!

Retro Black Stone Ring
Frederjc Kaeser

Coolest ring I ever owned super fast delivery

Felt cheap

The necklace looked just how it was advertised, but I felt light, plasticy and cheap.

Received wrong order

Received incorrect order, wrote to customer service one week ago. Have yet to obtain a response. Ordered Helm of Awe rings, received compass rings instead.

You guys have some awesome stuff too bad you don't make larger sizes for the bigger person.

scammed me

bought size 7 and 8 sent me 12's, tried contacting support and recived radio silence.

Not again

What’s the point of picking out a ring size when they’ll ship you a totally different size! I ordered two rings size 8 and I got size 12

Mandala Flower Skull Ring
michael atienza

A beautifully crafted ring. Rugged, dark, and heavy! A nice addition to the collection.

Winding Snake Steel Ring
paulo figueiredo

love it

Excellent quality

I'm really pleased with my purchase. The ring is very well made and the marble is real,not fake.


Gothic Black Marble Gemstone Ring
Pablo Aitor Urbaneja Luque


Black Viking Runes Ring
Alan De Miguel
Black viking runes ring

I love it ao much, i wear it all the time, it's fantasctic and very fancy

Love it!

Really nice!
The jewelery is of high quality and a real eye-catcher!
I would buy it again!


The earrings are really nice and high quality. I'm wearing them daily and I can't complain.
Love it!


Absolutely gorgeous..

Cloaked Cult Cross Ring
Alan De Miguel
Cloaked Cult Cross Ring

It's a really fantastic ring, i love so much, it's one of my favorites rings, it gaves you like a creepy atmosphere I recommend it for long. It's a perfect ring for black metal fans a others.

Holy Skeleton Skull Pendant review

It's really nice, cool, all the people ask of where i have bought it. I love it too much and it gives me more dark vibes. In my opinion its recommended for everyone

So beautiful 💜


Looks so pretty!