Which Finger Should I Wear My Rings On As A Man?

by Chrome Cult

Rings are an accessory that can convey a message, depending on the finger they're worn. Regardless of size and design — whether small or large silver bands embellished with various totems / iconic patterns — all these pieces send different messages.

Rings have always been a symbol of status, wealth and commitment. But at one point in history it was cliché  which led to people getting confused about how they should be worn or what message their wearer wanted to convey when wearing them on your finger. In recent years though it's become more popular again... but there’s still some confusion among those who don't know much about jewelry — so we thought let us clear up all these questions for you!


Ring Finger

The "vein of love" is an interesting legend that pre-dates modern medical science. Before the discovery of anatomy, people thought there was a direct connection between your ring finger and heart — this led to many couples wearing their wedding rings on their ring fingers.

Little Finger

The little finger is a symbol of wisdom and persuasion in astrology. It often represents intelligence, insight, coercion — which makes it the perfect place to wear your most prized possession.

Index Finger

The index finger is not just the most popular but also represent power, authority and responsibility. It's no surprise then that people wear their family emblems on this particular finger as well as organizational membership rings!

Middle Finger

Wearing a ring on your middle finger is an ancient tradition that has been carried out for centuries. The meaning behind this habit varies by culture, but it generally symbolizes responsibility and accumulation of wealth through hard work or fate's kindnesses.

Thumb Finger

The ring on your thumb finger speaks volumes. If it's the active hand, then you're always looking to make an impression and don't back down easily. According to palmistry, a ring on the thumb finger indicates willpower and self-assertion.